Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zentangle Challenge

I recently discovered a "new" art form that I am having a lot of fun with! Basically it's the idea of using repetitive strokes to create a pattern, filling empty spaces with beauty. You can find out more about Zentangle here.

So in my quest for inspiration, I came across the diva's blog, where she challenges Zentanglers everywhere to break outside the box and think--and tangle--creatively. I took the recent challenge which was to create a Zentangle fit for a fairy. And since I couldn't sleep last night, I extended it to drawing a fairy and clothing her in tangles.

Do you see the fairy peeking out of her favorite gumball tree?

I transferred her over to some watercolor paper, and I'll be painting her soon...


  1. Welcome and this is fabulous!

  2. These are wonderful and welcome to the fabulous world of tangling. Your fairy art is a magical addition. I love the fairy peeking out in #1.

  3. Love your tangle, and the fairy peeking out. Very clever.