Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bedroom Decor

I just whipped up these adorable little printables today. I saw each quote separately but there were next to each other on the computer screen and it made me laugh out loud. So I thought I'd make some printables to go together. :) tee hee hee

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shiro Daguerreotype

How to make a photograph appear like a Shiro Daguerreotype
1.       Open photo in
2.       Convert to black and white
a.       “Adjustment” à “Hue and Saturation”
b.      Turn “Saturation” all the way to zero
3.       Adjust curves
a.       “Adjustment” à”Curves”
b.      Click the middle of the line and move upward. The point you are moving should end up around the intersection of the top horizontal line through the middle vertical line.  (A little left/below the intersection is fine too.)
4.       Add a layer on top of the photo and fill with brown
5.       Change brown layer opacity to approximately 50% (or a little more)
6.       Change layer style to multiply
7.       Merge layers
8.       Adjust levels
a.       “Adjustment” à “Levels”
b.      Dial the middle section of the input levels to the left to approx. 0.75
9.       Adjust brightness/contrast
a.       “Adjustment”à “Brightness and Contrast”
b.      Dial “Brightness” to approx. 10
c.       Dial “Contrast” to  approx. 25
10.   Adjust Saturation
a.       “Adjustment”à “Hue and Saturation”
b.      Dial Saturation to the left almost half way