Hello, fellow bloggers! I am a stay at home wife [for now] with a penchant for crafts, home decorating, sewing, cooking, and more. The catch is . . . it all has to be at little to no cost. This is my record of all those things done on a budget. Feel free to comment on what you see or suggest things you don't!

Mr. Galaxy and I married on May 21, 2011, and shortly moved across the stateline and found our first place together--a two bedroom apartment with lots of closet space, and big living room, and a tiny kitchen. I like to craft and decorate; he likes to eat and pay rent. Hence, my low-budget requirement for everything I do. I really got into crafting when preparing for our wedding--I made basically all the decorations and bouquets myself! Just about the only thing I didn't make was my dress!

Besides crafting and home decorating and all the stuff I said before, I love taking pictures, playing with kids, drinking well-creamed coffee, stuffing my face with ice cream, watching a myriad of TV shows, being involved in church and home prayer group, entertaining friends [especially girls' nights!], and painting. I might just start an etsy shop one of these days, but that hasn't materialized quite yet.

My lovely Mr. Galaxy and me
 We found about 3 months after we got married that we are starting a family! (Already!) This is really cool because my doctor told me before we got married that he didn't think we would be able to get pregnant without help. We were okay with waiting for about a year before starting to look for said help, so it was a double surprise when we found out the reason I was so SICK was because a baby was coming! (NO help, and we weren't even TRYING!) Anyway, I was incredibly sick the first 3 months, nonstop, 24-7. I think there were maybe 2 days in those three months that I could actually do anything without feeling nauseous or throwing up. Yuck! But now I'm feeling great and back to being able to create things and make stuff to post on here! Yay!