Thursday, September 18, 2014

Art Worship

I recently discovered this amazing Facebook group called "Bible Journaling Community." There I have found a sisterhood of artsy ladies who praise God and worship Him through art, by journaling Scripture and songs and thoughts they think while reading God's Word. I decided to join in. And it's awesome.

I set up a little "Art Worship station" by the couch where I read so I have my box and notebook handy. I follow the acronym "GROW" (Greet the Lord, Read a passage, Observe things about it, Write/doodle/draw) as I meet with God and the drawing part has been refreshing on several levels. First off, it feeds my creativity which I love. It also provides an amount of time that I am focused and meditating on a specific verse or principle from the Word.

I tend to sketch out a picture/text with pencil, then go over it with my favorite pen (Micron Pigma) then add color with watercolor pencils, then paint it.

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