Monday, August 8, 2011

A DIY apron

This apron is based on one I bought while in Japan several years ago. Here are the specs:

Main apron piece: 26" wide, 17" long
Apron band: 23" long, 3" wide
Ties: (x2) 24.5" long, 2" wide
Ruffle: 31" long, 2.5" wide
Pocket(s): 8" long, 6.5" wide

1. pocket(s)
Hem the top of each pocket with a 1" hem. So fold over 1/2" and iron, then fold that over on itself and iron again. Pin and sew a simple hem.

Fold over each side and the bottom 1/2" and iron.

Topstitch the pocket onto the main apron piece (MAP). Repeat if you are doing two pockets.

2. Ruffle
Pin and sew the ruffle piece to the MAP, gathering as you go, or building in pleats. Lay the ruffle piece RST to the MAP, lining up the end of the MAP with the ruffle.

If you build in pleats, start in the middle and work outward. Pleat towards the middle or away from the middle (not towards the left or towards the right).

To build in pleats, I pinned at the top and bottom of each pleat so it wouldn't fall out when I unpinned to sew.

Sew down the length of the ruffle/MAP, using a 5/8th seam allowance. Iron seam flat.

Sew a narrow hem around the sides of the MAP as well as the bottom of the ruffle.

3. Ties
Fold each tie RST in half and sew a running stitch down the length and up the width of one end.

Pull tie "inside out" to get it facing the right way. Iron down the seam.

4. Apron Band

Fold over all four sides of the apron band about a 1/2" and iron flat.
Fold in half lengthwise and lightly iron; unfold. You can kind of see the crease where I folded it in half.

5. Assembly
Place the apron tie inside the apron band, adjacent to the half-way crease. Place the MAP on top of the edge that is folded up. Pin, building in pleats or gathering along the way.

Fold apron band over and pin.

Sew down the side to anchor your tie, then sew along the the bottom edge of the apron band, keeping your pleats intact or gathering along the way. I placed my pleats about 4 inches from each side. Sew up the other side to anchor that tie. I put a pleat in my ties, but that is extra work that you only do if you really want to.

Enjoy your apron!

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  1. You are so cute! I don't even have an apron, let alone a sewing machine. lol.